Main Goals.

A way for the system to detect when the user is stressed

A way in which the system initiates a dialogue with the user


A way in which the system discourages the user from stress eating


Style Guide.

Frame 2Style guide.png


Frame 54.png


User Tasks.


  • Users get notifications based on the data from the wearable device.

  • Users can interact with the notification and schedule their activities then and there.


  • The user creates a username, email, password and profile photo during onboarding.

  • User can also choose a wearable to sync to.


Call a loved one

  • Calling a loved one was determined to be the most effective activity through our diary study.

  • Users can call a loved one directly from the activities page.

Call a loved one.gif

Choose an Activity

  • Choosing an activity is at the center of our application.

  • This is the main landing page of our application.

  • The user can choose an activity in two clicks.

Choose an activity.gif


  • Having a community to talk with and relate helps manage stress.

  • This portion of the application is our focus of including a social aspect to our solution.

  • The user can personalize the animation to fit the situation and friend.

  • The action takes four clicks and is quick to complete.

send love fast.gif


  • Search allows the user to find friends and activities easily.

  • Changing the routine and finding new ideas keep away boredom.

  • The action takes two clicks.



  • Profile allows users to change their settings and update wearable tech.

  • This is a needed part to allow the user customization and control.

  • The action takes two clicks to dive into any specific setting.