Brainstorming Process.

We used Brainwriting as our main tool for brainstorming.

Steps we followed:-

  1. Prepare a few ideas at an individual level

  2. The team meets and everyone has a sheet of paper with the template on it.

  3. A moderator is assigned

  4. The moderator times each round for 5 mins

  5. After every round, the sheet of paper is given to the person sitting on the right and the process is continued till everyone has filled our 3 ideas in each sheet

  6. Ideas written are discussed as a team

Design Ideas.


StressAR is a mobile application(iOS/Android) which uses Augmented Reality to help users curb stress eating. 

Destroy My Stress

DestroyMyStress is a mobile application(iOS/Android) that uses Augmented Reality to visually destroy the user's stress. 


EscapeVR is a VR application for iOS/android or Oculus platforms that transcends user to the places that make them feel calmer and happier.


CompanionAI is a mobile application that interfaces with a wearable device that tracks the user's physiological data and then creates an intervention without the user putting in any efforts.


SentryAI is a wearable device that detects when the user is feeling stressed and tattles it to either the user's loved one (Mom) or to the Alexa in the room. Alexa speaks a witty quip or the user's mom sends them a positive affirmation or an activity to do.

Auto Ear

AutoEar is a wearable earpiece that keeps a track of when the user could be stressed and the number of snacks they are at currently. Using this it gives out suggestions of activities to do to the user.

Game the Stress

GameTheStress is a mobile(iOS/Android) application that distracts the user from their stressor in a gamified format

The StoryTeller

TheStoryTeller is a story generator mobile(iOS/Android) application. The user inputs their environment, the task to be accomplished and the object causing stress and the application creates a story out of it, where the user is a hero.


PatchMate is a wearable skin patch and a temporary tattoo display. It can interface with an accompanying mobile(iOS/Android) application. The device detects changes in skin conductance and determines when there are slight changes caused in the body due to stress. 


Motivacial is a motivational buddy system based mobile(iOS/Android) application.